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The Theory Test was introduced in 1996, and replaced the 'highway code questions' at the end of the Practical test. You must pass the Theory Test before applying for your Practical Test, and you must take your Practical Test within 2 years of passing the Theory Test.

Originally referred to as the 'written test', it has never really been that. It is a multiple-choice test of questions, which used to be on paper, but is now on a simple touch screen. There are 50 multi-choice questions 5 of which are based on a case study (from September 2009) with a pass mark of 43.

In November 2002 the Hazard perception test was added to the theory test. This is a test of the candidates awareness of developing hazards in video clips. It is taken at the same time as the original multi-choice test. There are 14 video clips and the pass mark is 44 points out of a possible 75.

You need to be well prepared for the Theory and Hazard Perception tests.

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